New RTS game please!

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New RTS game please!

Postby SWEmpire99 » Mon 28 Nov 2016 13:15

Make a new RTS game, learn of your mistakes and do it right straight from the beggining when people PAY ATTENTION to the game and keeping eyes on it! Not like you did with the reboot... It was a good idea but you dident have enough attention to it. Just make a new game and make sure to get it working as people want it, dont make it too complicated but not too simple either. And you need to get the game looking complete when release, like the most important thing i think is adding a tutorial of wich includes all the basics in the game about how getting the recourses working and some kind of a description for every unit/building, what they do and how to use them properly. What you also really need is a matchmaking system wich put people of the same level against each other so that the good players can stop bashing them and they just instantly quit the game. You need the players to stay in the game and give people what they want straight from the beggining! Also set down the price of the game a bit. But again all you need is to do it right when people have eyes on the game, and as i said earlier that the reboot was good but it dident have enough attention... If you released the reboot from the beggining then this game would have been way larger.

Hope you atleast take your time to read this... :|

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Re: New RTS game please!

Postby Falcrack » Sun 4 Dec 2016 00:42

They just need to make a game called "Wargame 4" and millions will buy it.

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Re: New RTS game please!

Postby KampfKeksKrieger » Sun 4 Dec 2016 14:27

My Heart bleeds with you.
What you say is SO true!

Eugens cannot be the only guys left over to make a good RTS game.
But as long as they are:

I am SURE they will be excellent sooner or later.

The Developers (on the world) need to publish the right thing at the right time, but most of them dont listen to the people.
Thats why the Eugens will become the largest over the next (I think longer period of) years.

"The people are waiting with money and a helping hand to carry everything that eugens produce, as long as it does not spoil what they already did in the past."

But Oh my god is it difficult to make a guide for Wargame! :lol:

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Re: New RTS game please!

Postby McNash » Mon 5 Dec 2016 07:00

They just need to make something which would be profitable with 70,000 sold copies, as that is the average sales they get for anything that is not Wargame.

On the other hand, they may have to disguise themselves as other company, since wargame fanboys may purposely attack anything non-wargame they created for the sake of forcing them to keep making more DLCs and stuff.

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Re: New RTS game please!

Postby torinus » Mon 5 Dec 2016 10:55

I don't think they will try a non Wargame adventure again. Between RTS not being popular anymore and their try with AoA ending up as a under 7 score game, it is just not a good market for mid quality developers.
Mid quality developers like Eugene can only succeed making games everyone wants to play, where there is enough market out there so they will want to play even sub 7 games.

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Re: New RTS game please!

Postby Walker » Mon 5 Dec 2016 15:38

torinus wrote:I don't think they will try a non Wargame adventure again. Between RTS not being popular anymore and their try with AoA ending up as a under 7 score game, it is just not a good market for mid quality developers.

That´s why i like the idea, to mix both worlds together. Take the engine of AoA (or a better one) and add it with the possibility of choosing decks for your units like in Wargame.
That could keep the fun for a longer time (more individuality) and Eugen could sell some DLC´s.

But the most important point for me is, that the dev´s listen to their community and react to their wishes. And more communication is needed (announcements, etc.)

I think the turret on hq and the not existing scout verhicle are good examples, where we lost a broad majority of the community here.

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Re: New RTS game please!

Postby orcbuster » Mon 5 Dec 2016 16:32

Aoa and wargame use the same engine.
Viker for ingen!

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Re: New RTS game please!

Postby Megiddo » Mon 5 Dec 2016 17:35

Eugen just have to take everything from wargame (battlefield, combat mechanisms, detailed units and map styles, zoom), implement a good base/unit construction and resource (oil wells or zone control) systems and it would be a blast.

They'd just have to rework some things and that's it. As it was said, the same engine is used for Wargame and AoA. First, a brand new engine couldn't hurt today. At all. The current one showed its limits. Otherwise, if that's not the case, some work could be done on the LoS system, on the "RNGs" with hit rates and dodge rates, on the urban combat with, at last, scenery elements that can obstruct the LoS and the shots till their destruction...Some work on the different aerial layers concerning aircrafts and choppers... The number of units could be lowered a bit to keep the emblematic ones, or all could be kept through different price and availability many factions as nations in wargame (DLCs :mrgreen: ), in an hypothetical WW3 scenario frame...

Just the resupply/refuel system to smooth and lighten a bit, some good tech/unit trees and a good sense of tactical gameplay, with comfortable HP levels...

AoA was a spin off game trying to reimplement resources, base or unit construction and RTS expense systems. It was an attempt. Let's hope they'll finish the job for the real deal, and forget the mainstream market :)
That's the saddest part of the story. I was getting used to think, after nearly three decades of its existence, that the word "Strategy" was the main cornerstone of the RTS genre and golden age.

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Re: New RTS game please!

Postby deadnation » Wed 14 Dec 2016 17:13

What ever they do Eugen must change their game engine. I don't want their next game what ever it will be have same engine related issues and limitations we have had for 6 years at least. I simple won't give it even change if they don't change engine. The reason i refunded AoA after first hour played was because i saw all the same issues again in the first match that have been in Eugens past 4 games.

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Re: New RTS game please!

Postby D-M » Wed 14 Dec 2016 18:46

I 'm pretty sure they are going to do something like wargame, well not exactly like wargame (I guess they have had enough of wargames for some times) but something close enough to stand upon the franchise's popularity.

I guess we 'll know soon enough anyway.

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