How to deal with US Army Drone Strike?

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How to deal with US Army Drone Strike?

Postby fdjw88 » Fri 3 Aug 2018 22:36


I'm relatively new to this game, and I know that the game community is probably dead. but there might be someone still lurking on the forum just like many other "dead" games.

like the title said, i don't really know how to deal with the US army drone strike, those drones do so much damage and they take out multiple ground units with 1 strike. and my AA could never shoot them down fast enough, and it appears that the AI always have a ton of drones save up because it literally spam drone strikes against my ground army until they are all dead.

how do i deal with it? should i just build an army of AA so they can be shot down before they drop the payload?

thanks for reading.

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Re: How to deal with US Army Drone Strike?

Postby SGTCrazyjoker » Sun 16 Sep 2018 01:53

I know this is old but Il answer it Maybe if people see people is still alive the game will be brought from the Dead! :)

I only play with USA Team SO i can only answer from the US side!!! When i send my units out i always have 10 to 20 blazer right behind my Tanks and also have my F22 to Counter the Drones!!! Tip make sure you have alot of money cause you gonna need it to counter against AI USA drones

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