Next Act of [Part 3] please!

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Next Act of [Part 3] please!

Postby Walker » Wed 27 May 2020 10:17

I think it is time for another Act of [Part 3]

I played 1,3k h AoA (both, vanilla and reboot version). Here is my summary about my multiplayer expierences:

1a. Vanilla Version
Personally I liked this version much more cause of the economical part. It takes some time to learn it, and maybe it was a little bit to complex for new players (how many refinieries should i build on 1 ress. field and how many carrier do i need?) but all in one it was a fluid gameplay.
1b. Reboot Edition
Yes it looks more like C&C and you only have 1 ress. to handle, but it feels just putted on. The dozer f.e. is so slow, it takes an eternity to move to the ress.field. I appreciate it very much that this DLC was for free, but EUG left the game to early, so the neccessary patched are missing. It should have cost money or they should have fixed the vanilla vers.

2. Streets
It is unique, that EUG made units use a road. And in Wargame/SD it might work out, but in a classical RTS game it is different to handle a bunch of units, when they drive in a line and just dont react that fast to what you want them to do.

3. MP-Lobbies
I know, EUG prefer the classical kind of connecting players, but many other RTS games prefer automatching (with MMR) for a good reason. Teams in custom lobbies are many times not balanced out. Meaning that one team has a high chance to win a match and the other team not (before the match even starts and cause of skill level of the player).
Look at SD 2 lobbies right now, you see players watching on each others level (what says nothing about skills) and then they change team or leave if the got the feeling, that they have newbies in their team and fight against expierenced players.
I would prefer to have auto-matchmaking for standard rules and custom lobbies hidden somewhere in the menu for crazy custom rules.

4. Advertising
Almost every RTS game has at least one famous content creator, that makes people interested in this game. (VulkanHD for SD, Grubby for WC 3, HelpingHans for CoH 2. BikeRush for C&C....). Well we had Predatorrrr and he made cool vidz, but he has 50 - 60 follower, that is not the bandwidth that is needed.
All RTS games i played after that (DoW 3, 8-bit armies, Ancestors L., HW 2....) nobody knew this game or just said "crab!"

YT tutorials help people get into that game and show them the strats for each faction to copy or adapt for themself.

5. hotkeys
You can set some hotkeys, which is good, but you should be able to customize all hotkeys and not just a few.

6. Satellite view
I loved this game for this feature, cuz i hate it so much to move the camera all over the map. But for many others it was just confusing. One mate saw a vid of mine and said "ok, blue fights red on a dark backround, that is boring."
Maybe u can copy it from SD, where you can zoom in and out so smooth.

7, competitive matches
tourneys, leagues, seasons - never saw any of them in AoA (just some early social evenings organized by the community).

Iron Harvest shows that there is potential for RTS on the market. 16,607 supporters contributed $ 1,298,726 to help bring this project to life.
Next week C&C Remastered will be released. People pay 20 bucks for a 2D game without significant potential.
-> 2 examples that shows that there is a market for classic RTS games.


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Re: Next Act of [Part 3] please!

Postby chykka » Tue 9 Jun 2020 07:17

I am playing remastered C&C on my USB N64 controller. complains there are no 3-D models

Iron Harvest is only hype right now and tech demo. No beta gameplay yet.

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