Disconnection mid - game.

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Disconnection mid - game.

Postby Caterpillar » Sun 19 Jul 2015 18:20

Dear Eugen Systems,

I've bought and enjoyed your amazing Wargame:Red Dragon game, an RTS game of another level, as an RTS fan this game went stright up to my TOP 1 game from all RTS games I've ever played until DISCCONECTS started to happen all the time. I've tried to look for a solution everywhere and searched all the forums here and on steam, I tried port forwarding,reinstalling etc.. and nothing helped.

I just raised my hands up and stopped playing multiplayer (which is the only way the game was fun)..

Now I've had hopes for Act of Aggression, a new game from the company that made R.U.S.E and wargame (both my fav games) and bought this new game to have an alternative that at least would work properly.. BUT NO.

At my FIRST multiplayer game I had a disconnect around 20 minutes after the start of the game and everything else that uses the internet still ran fluently.

I'm very disappointed and I hope I can get some kind of assistance here..
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