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[BUG] Muted own room chat which wont come back

Posted: Wed 9 Dec 2015 21:45
by AceRevo
I accidently muted my room's chat - and there is no way to unmute it. When I create a new room (game/lobby), there is no chat for the lobby. Nor does it appear in the muted chat list.

I've also restarted the game, tried restarting steam and even after restarting the computer, my games lobby chat wont show up.

Once you select the lobbys chat, you can mute it and it will disappear. It will not appear in the muted chat list, but you can click the mute button again to have it unmuted and it will come back. However, if you mute this chat, and select another lobby chat (cant remember if i tried to mute one of these too or not) before I unmuted my own channel, there is no way for me to unmute my own lobby chat.

However - what I just discovered as Im making this post, is that I can chat in the games lobby chat - but once I select one of the other lobby chats, there is no way for me to select my rooms lobby chat. Sorry for the confusion, if any, but I hope Im making this good enough to understand the problem.