Alt-Tab bug still here

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Alt-Tab bug still here

Postby KNOWFEAR1337 » Thu 12 May 2016 21:18

So i last posted about this in Aug 2015 and as i said then, it completely ruins my game play. no one replied to the topic then, and if no one replies to this i will assume that people dont care/ aren't going to fix it.

the game doesn't crash so i have no idea if there are logs i can find, it just completely diapers if i Alt-tab, its not on my taskbar and wont show up on the alt-tab menu either. the reason i Alt-tab is because i play games while doing other things. I have tried playing the game in firescreen border-less window but when i do that the game doesn't seem to understand that its in that configuration, as the UI doesn't move and things get hidden behind my taskbar. the other problem i have is that every time i launch the game it makes my second monitor flicker and go black as if its re-sizing my whole desktop.

i want to like this game, i have tried and i'm still having the same problems that stopped me playing back then even after updates
it realy annoys me how a game that came out in 2007 can handle duel screens flawlessly [sup com] it can use both screens using one as a map but you can zoom down just like one screen so you can control units on both, and it works perfectly in border-less. but games that have come out recently cant even keep playing sounds when they loose focus, or crash ... or just disappear . arma 3 just completely freezes if you click outside the window. its as if game dev's have never used two screens

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Re: Alt-Tab bug still here

Postby sputzinik » Tue 22 Nov 2016 01:05

Bump !!!
Same issue here, Game disappears in Background as process, no chance to activate it again in foreground.
PLEASE help, its real **** !!!
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Re: Alt-Tab bug still here

Postby Walker » Tue 22 Nov 2016 13:22

This is really not a bug of this game.

As I think u use Windows 10?

When I switched to Windows 10 I had the same issue and I could fix it with the help of my friend "Google" :D

Don´t know if that was the right help.

U can also tab out to the desktop with the Windows key+Tab.

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Re: Alt-Tab bug still here

Postby tactic » Sun 11 Dec 2016 05:38

Walker is the link a joke? I really had to laugh hard :lol: Didn't listen to that old voice software for years :lol:
Game on!

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Re: Alt-Tab bug still here

Postby chykka » Wed 14 Dec 2016 14:45

Yeah I don't think Windows 10 supports Classic Shell, that would be 'modding' ,

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