Account and Password Recovery - AoA Reboot

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Account and Password Recovery - AoA Reboot

Postby Blowfish89 » Mon 2 Jan 2017 20:53

Hello, The in-game recovery tools on AoA do not work, they do no send an email to the address for recovery.

I wanted to play a match after a 1 year long break (since November 2015 I think). After re-downloading the game the in-game UI had the account and password typed in unfortunately, it does not connect online. I tried recovery and after 2 days no email arrived.

My account is - Blowfish89, was also here on the forums if I recall it correctly. The account here on the forums was also non-existent so it seems you guys deleted it. My email is and the in-game tool recognizes it for recovery, it just does nothing.

Thank you for your help and swift assistance in advance.

PS: my steam account is

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Re: Account and Password Recovery - AoA Reboot

Postby Goethe » Wed 4 Jan 2017 15:51


Our mail service was down until yesterday morning, give it another try, you should receive an e-mail this time.

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