Fix the anti lagg tool or sell the rights!

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Fix the anti lagg tool or sell the rights!

Postby ELITE » Fri 13 Oct 2017 23:40

Eugen System,

SHame on you!!

you are not able to fix the game laggs!

i played a 1,5 hours games with Timeslope, cause 1 player (orcslayer ) lagged hardcore, cause of a very very very bad pc! Normal the game would need 30 min to finish without lagg!
Why your ugly noob anti lagg tool didnt kicked him out of the game! Only cause his ping was good?!

What the Fuck! Dont Kidding us please!

If you wont fix this game lagg problem, your ACT OF AGGRESSION game will be dead soon!

i never played such a fucking lagg in 10 years! Act of War!!, and never Desync games in ACT OF WAR.

Your game is a shame for all RTS games!

How is it possible that 5 player in a 3v3 cant kick a Hardcore lagger out of the game!

Your anti lagg Tool is total bad, a gameboy multiplayer game is better in LAGG Detection!

But yes i know.

Eugen System will never bring out any patches for this game!

Horrible support!

please sell the rights to EA Games or something else.

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Re: Fix the anti lagg tool or sell the rights!

Postby Predatorrrr » Thu 2 Nov 2017 15:10

It is already dead. It's a shame, because this game had huge potential.

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