Game needs a Patch

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Game needs a Patch

Postby ELITE » Tue 5 May 2020 13:57

Hello Eugen System,

currently more players are online again.
The game urgently needs some updates.

For example.

1. the game does not recognize people who have strong connection problems.
Here it comes again and again to strong connection problems and to unsynchronized games, so that one plays partly only 1v3 instead of 3v3.

2. air bug:

For example, if you build an airtower on Guardian Rift in the middle towards the enemy, then you can attack the enemy base on the other side from behind with B2 bombers etc. That is totally unrealistic and that didn't exist in Act of War.
Here the bombers always came around the built airtower, i.e. you could let airplanes fly from behind, but with a target to your own base, which made at least a bombing of the enemy base from behind not possible.
Please patch and take the gameplay of the Airtower from Act of War, that was 100% better.

3. street mode:

The speed of the units or tanks on the roads in the convoy is unrealistic and unbalanced. You can race into the enemy base with all tanks in 10 seconds.
Here also please orientate to Act of War. Here the speed of the units was always the same and you could control the units better without road mode and attack more targeted.
Also a Mate could not help the enemy in 2 seconds if his units were on the other side of the map.

4. jevelin and shersheen fire range with update:

The update makes the game unattractive, because you can get missiles from 20 sides when you cross the bridge at Guardian Rift.
In Act of War there was no "Super Range" for Jevelins. Here there was also 2x damage if the jevelin was hidden in the forest. This was much better.
Jevelins with super range cost only $200.

5. USA artillery too strong:

The heavy artillery of USA is too strong and it even hits helicopters in the air above the position.
Chimera Rhino artillery on the other hand does hardly any damage although it has more range.
6. Infantry overroll mode

In Act of War you could roll over the infantry, which was very realistic, especially against infantry spam.
Here you can even block tanks with infantry, which is unreal.

We need a Patch!

Thank you.

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Re: Game needs a Patch

Postby Opticalx » Thu 7 May 2020 12:33

Falling on def ears mate.

Me and the a lot of other community members have plea'd with them many times over the years for a patch and balance changes.

They are simply not interested in this game because the majority of their player base plays war game. And it was the War Game community that really fucked this game up for a lot of us because it wasnt another war game.
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Re: Game needs a Patch

Postby ELITE » Thu 7 May 2020 22:05

Wargame is a total bad noob game..bad gameplay bad movements. i played it some hard.

Act of War was the best RTS ever....with ESL League and so on over some years until Atari destroyed the community with the bad extended version with high range attilery.

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