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Sync problem from two PC on same home network

Posted: Thu 18 Feb 2021 01:06
by iPLAY

I bought two AoA keys on Steam. One for my son, and the other for myself. We started the 1vs1 game and noticed that the synchronization was not working properly. We don’t see each other’s vehicles and troop movements. It’s like we’re in a different match.
We play online on two computers on the same home network. Is there any fix? We both have AoA on Steam installed.

On Steam Community, I found an old thread of "desync problem" but it was fixed supposedly.
The problem is the same as the user Dark describes here:

When my friend and I, vs AI online, after about 5 minutes we can no longer see each other's troop movements, nor can we see if we have built any different buildings.
example: my refinery comes under attack on my buddy's screen, and he sends units to help it. On my screen, i am perfectly fine, with no enemy nearby and I cannot see his units moved to the area.

Source: ... 874838465/

Thanks in advance

Re: Sync problem from two PC on same home network

Posted: Wed 24 Feb 2021 14:06
by iPLAY
@[EUG]MadMat anyone home? Is there any fix for this problem?

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