[Reboot] Some opener for each fraction (+defense notes)

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[Reboot] Some opener for each fraction (+defense notes)

Postby Walker » Mon 16 May 2016 14:29

General hints:
1. As US and Chimera build your refinery (ref.) as close to the oil tower so that the crusher/carrier can simple rotate around the building.
http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.c ... 84F0B64F5/
(Thx torinus, I took the link out of your post. Hope it is okay for u)
2. When you build your ref. you can already order the next building by holding the shift-button.
3. For US and Chimera you need 3 crusher/carrier. For Cartel the optimum number of k-max is 2.
4. It is sometimes usefull to use the "Q" key to move ur units from A to B (they will stop when they hit an enemy unit)
U should use it for ur scorpio attacks or if u move ur jevs into a Building far away (f.e.).

U.S Army build order opener´s
1. Fast Humvee attak
Ref.> Field Generator>Light vehicle bay> 3 HUMVEEs

With that Humvee´s you can attak enemies refs. or/and shredder/kodiak/skycrane.
But take care, if it fails you fall behind in economy (eco). Next step would be taking your bank or you go for the next ref.

2. Combination Humvee + Javelins
Ref.> Barracks [6 Marine´s for your bank]> 2nd Ref.> Field Generator>Light vehicle bay

Now you can attak enemies refs. with Humvee+Javelins or try to capture the buildings with yout marines. It takes about 4 Min. to have 10 Humv + soldier.

3. Combination ACCE + Soldier
Ref.> Barracks > 2nd Ref.> Field Generator>Light vehicle bay>ACCE + Javelins/Marines
Same as with Humvee´s, but the ACCE has more Hitpoints (HP) and could survive longer ^^.
It takes about 5 min. to have 8 ACCE + Soldier.

4. Guardians
Ref.> Barracks [6 Marine´s for your bank]> 2nd + 3rd ref. [Javelins defend your base]> Defcon 2>Field Generator>Helipad>Armory [NLOS+ countermeasures]> You have 4 guardians + 1 little bird in about 7:20 min.
Next step: logistical center > Hercules + Osprey (from Helipad)
With that your guardians be healed while they attak.

Cartel build order opener´s
1. Scorpio
a) Ref.> Barracks> Vehicle bay = 1 Scorpio in about 2 Min.
b) Ref.> Barracks> 2nd Ref.>Vehicle bay = 1 Scorpio in about 3 Min.

Scorpio is the most widespread opener for cartel. The tank is fast and can shoot farther than Puma or Humvees from the other factions. But you must keep your Scorpio in distance cause he is very weak. Scorpio´s can smoke turrets for example to destroy the ref. next to it or to capture banks with your soldier.

You have to evaluate if you go on fast scorpio (for example against Chimera) or take care of your eco.

2. Superhinds
Ref.> 2nd Ref.>Barracks > 2nd Barracks [tandem charges] >2x Vehicle bay> VIPERs+Constructor+Superhinds

In 6 mins. you have a sufficient number of units.

3. Light tank combination
Ref.> Barracks> 2nd ref.>Vehicle bay [4 Scorpios]>3rd ref. >[Prison module in barracks]> [3xJackal+VIPER in it]>[tandem charges]> Attak in about 6 mins.

Grinches are are really powerful counterunit against Chimera´s Tigre spams. They cost only §300 and have a long range.
If u see that enemy is going on Tigre´s use the Loal-Hi upgrade ($2000) in the stealth lab.
Additionally you can use the scorpio´s smoke, so the tigre´s can´t shoot them while u can shoot at the tigres.

Chimera build order opener

Chimera has the best inf. at the beginning (Felins + SAS Sniper right from the beginning on), so u should use it. On the other hand u cannot build defense next to ur refs., so a good start is, to take the banks BEFORE u build ur 2nd ref.
U can use Namers or (Pumas with upgrade) to transport them from A to B. Namers can heal them (with upgrade) and/or u build a prison and use the prison heal. Felins can clear all banks if u do it like this. U can even try to take the bank close to your enemies start point. It is hart to counter it.
But u ask yourself, how to counter it?
Well, with Chimera u could build a turret in the area next to ur bank and with US u could build Humvees and Jevs. to attak the Namer(s) on their way to your bank (Jevs. kill Namer and Humv. the Felins/SAS).
If you survive this, the next attack is mostly by tigres. This is really hard to Counter.
As Chimera you can build exosoldier (with upgrade). As US u can build blazer (with upgrade) or Raptors. Nut Raptors cost much, so I prefer to build more blazers than tigres that attack.
A better counter is to harass the chimera Player BEFORE he gets his mass of tigres. He needs at least 7 min. to build them. In this time his base is wide open. So harass him with an opener like Humv/ACCE + Inf.

a) Ref.> SPEAR vehicle bay> [1 PUMA]
With that Puma you can attak enemies refs. or/and shredder/kodiak/skycrane.
Next step: barracks > 2nd&3rd ref.> [Passengers accommodations in vehicle bay]>[more PUMA + SAS + Felin]
Sometimes i build a 2nd vehicle bay, sometimes 2nd barrack. One Puma alone is very weak but he is very cheap, you can build them fast and when you reach a number of >10 or if you combine them with SAS/Felin they are a a serious Opponent in the early part of the game.
b) SPEAR vehicle bay> > [2 PUMA in 1 Min.] > …ref etc.
c) Ref.>Barracks>2nd & 3rd ref. > SPEAR vehicle bay> [10 Puma in about 6 mins]

2) Namer:
Ref.> Barracks [5 Felin + 1 SAS]>Support bay> [Namer]>[attak: clear enemies bank first]> [Medical namer upgrade while you are going]
Push by building more Namers+SAS with upgrade and try to capture enemies buildings with your felins.

3) Stealth Dozer
Ref.>Barracks>2nd ref.>Research lab>Pionier-Upgrade> [Kodiak can build outpost behind or in enemies base]
You got 1 StealhKodiak in about 3 mins. US and Cartel have problems to counter this attack cause they have no stealh detection in early part of the game.

These are only a few possibilites to start a game, just to give you a feeling for that.

Feel free to add more game opener´s in this thread here!

I have deliberately left out the classics like "TermiSpam" or "ACCE-Spam".
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Re: [Reboot] Some opener for each fraction (beginners guide)

Postby atdsutm » Wed 18 May 2016 01:36

Do you eventually get Napalm for the Superhind build?

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Re: [Reboot] Some opener for each fraction (beginners guide)

Postby Walker » Wed 18 May 2016 11:43

atdsutm wrote:Do you eventually get Napalm for the Superhind build?

Cartel is not my favorit army :D You can add your opener/supplements here.

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