Act of Aggression Strategy Guide Questions

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Re: Act of Aggression Strategy Guide Questions

Postby KampfKeksKrieger » Fri 11 Sep 2015 13:35

Dear Spector,

Maybe I didn't fully understand your answer, but maybe you just know the game better than me. I am not in the best constitution to explain myself.

I dont want to attack you and I dont want to argue with you.
If I can I try to help you. If we dont get the right consense, well at least we are not married. :mrgreen:

If I am not perfect, I must be a human.
Only god might know all the answers!

Here are my Opinions:
Spoiler : :
Spector wrote:The problem with your ideas is that you are making your battle plan as if you know which faction the other player has chosen.

As far as I know that is not the case.

Spector wrote:For your tactic to work you have to build 3 barracks before you even know who are you fighting against. You won in the beta because you could see who they enemy picks.

You have to do something in the first minutes, so why not 3 Barracks?
It works against ALL factions as it is just a preparation for economics and map control before you start out your real game. Its a half-step that succesfully even worked against Cartel for me!
I assume that you already tryed a couple of times what I offered to you.

Spector wrote:Also, just because they enemy choses Cartel, doesn't mean that he will send his heli scout right into your base, he can just skim your view range, since scouts see farther away and tell what faction you are by the architecture of your buildings.

I just wrote a succesful strategy guide. And now I already helped you even 2 times!
I assume that you already read some parts of it and that you also have some experience of how a Cartel faction is played. If that is the case, then please give me at least one example of a player doing the abovely mentioned. I played around 400 hours now and I didn 't find even one doing this.

If that isn't somewhat helpful, then sorry for the inconvenience.

Yours Sincerly, Kampfkekskrieger

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