Damage and unit types

Basura Nephilim
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Damage and unit types

Postby Basura Nephilim » Thu 10 Sep 2015 14:27

So, in game there's a clear distinction between: Types of units, types of weaponry, weaponry damage.

For example unit types: Infantry, tank, armored, helicopter
Weaponry: Machine gun, railgun, autocannon, rocket.
Weaponry damage: AP, HE.

Is there a guide, or could somebody make a comprehensible list, that clarifies all these types and interactions?
If it's alright and somebody explains, i'd love to put the answer directly into this post (credited ofc), so it is easy to find for everybody.

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Re: Damage and unit types

Postby WarriorWounds » Thu 10 Sep 2015 22:02

One of our community members D-M created a program called the Act of Aggression Armory, that directly reads the game files and displays the unit stats, download link is here:

https://github.com/mathieujaumain/AoA-C ... es/tag/1.0

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Re: Damage and unit types

Postby torinus » Mon 14 Sep 2015 16:25

It would be more useful if someone took info from the game after each balance patch and posted the data online in a readable format. More useful for new players to learn the game.

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Re: Damage and unit types

Postby admiralzeech » Tue 15 Sep 2015 12:13

Can someone who can run the armory (it crashed for me), please just explain the following:

- What are the armor types in the game?
- What are the damage types, and how are they displayed in the GUI?
- How do damage and weapon types interact? (well, the armory might not be able to answer this one...)

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