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Modding Help needed

Posted: Wed 7 Mar 2018 07:38
by lammur
Hi, Guys

Today i was modding the US Army's Javelin,i want to change the attack range,
so i located path X:\STEAM\steamapps\common\Act of Aggression\Data\ACTOFRUSE\PC\780061183 open the NDF_Win.dat with moddingSuite 0.9.0
then open pc\ndf\patchable\gfx\everything.ndfbin
then choose #65 TUniteDescriptor select Instance 26205 as the picture said
111.png (37.57 KiB) Viewed 2022 times

then through this find the weapon
111.png (37.57 KiB) Viewed 2022 times

then pointed to TAmmunitionDescriptor,then i changed the PorteeMaximale to 40000(Origin value was 8400)
333.png (76.8 KiB) Viewed 2022 times

But nothing happened in the game,
Please help.thanks.

Re: Modding Help needed

Posted: Wed 4 Apr 2018 12:54
Where did you get that TAmmunitionDescriptor belongs to Javelin? And why it is necessary to change the value of PorteeMaximale. They do not seem to have anything to do with each other.

С чего вы взяли что TAmmunitionDescriptor относится к Javelin? И почему нужно менять именно значение PorteeMaximale. Они же вроде никак не связаны друг с другом.

Re: Modding Help needed

Posted: Thu 13 Sep 2018 05:26
by McNash
Check the other unit modules, however I must advice you when I tried to edit the Thunderbolt attack range it didn't gave me all attack range I wished for, I suspect other variables such as scanner configuration affects the way the unit behaves.