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A beginner's very simple guide for modding (v0.4)

Posted: Sun 5 Aug 2018 18:56
by McNash
WARNING: Before every new editing make sure to get a copy of the NDF_Win.dat, you can fin it X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Act of Aggression\Data\ACTOFRUSE\PC\7******** or 2******** or whatever place you installed Act of Aggression in, if something goes terribly wrong just check file integrity with Steam, you may lose all the editing but the game will be working again.

First off, you need the Wargame Modding Suite, go get it! (And someone back it up, just in case Enohka decides he no longer love us or something!)

We are going to edit Act of Aggression Reboot, so, first we must get the path to the files we need to get the job done! (obviously you need to have the game installed)


1. Install the Wargame Modding Suite, follow the instructions, then open
2. Look to the tabs at the right of the interface, you shall see Gamespace, select it.
3. Open Data>ACTOFRUSE>PC, since we are looking for the latest version of Act of Aggression RELOADED we must look for the highest number which starts with "7", in our case is 780095353 (and probably will stay that way, unless Eugen Systems decide one day to revisit the game, until then is up to us), do note you may also need to work with folder 260000430.
4. Open the folder an select NDF_Win.dat, now you will see how a new tab with that name is opened.

Ok, so, what's this all about? Well, here is where most of Act of Aggression data is saved, let us say this is like the database (or a recipe for those who like to see this as magic, the sort who actually works) used by the game engine to bring to your screen and headphones all the wonders of 20-minutes-into-the-future warfare, the NDF_Win.dat is different for each Eugen Systems game, for example, the Wargame NDF_Win has a lot of info for a Cold War game, the one for Steel Division has data for WW2, under this simple logic the industry has created thousands upon thousands of games!

IMPORTANT: Sometimes the value we are looking for is not in the Reboot NDF_Win.dat, but in the original Act of Aggression, in this case you should look for the folder 780095353, use the NDF_Win.dat there.

Re: A beginner's very simple guide for modding (v0.1)

Posted: Tue 7 Aug 2018 00:54
by McNash
NOTE: This one works for Reboot, not sure if it will work for the vanilla edition, but it may give you a hint.

Incresing money availability

Tired of receiving 600 bucks in every harvester delivery? You find the AI pathetic due it's low income? Want to make TONS of money?

Look no furhter!
We are going to edit the values needed to make the cash flow into your pocket so you can build your giant RTS armies, just like the good all times!

First off you need to find inside everything.ndfbin\TStockedResourceDescriptionWithParameters the following parameters:

These are the stock values of the faction harvesters, now you got to double-click inside the StockedResourceDescription and start editing the following:

StockLimit: 600
IncomingRatePerSecond: 50
OutgoingRatePerSecond: 50

Let's change it for the following

StockLimit: 1200
IncomingRatePerSecond: 300
OutgoingRatePerSecond: 300

And for good measure edit the instances both in the folder starting with 2 and the one starting with 7.

Don't forget to save.

WARNING: DON'T TRY TO USE APPLY TO ALL INSTANCES, this will mess the entire database and make the game crash, as ever making money takes a bit of manual work!

The result will be harvesters with higher capacity and faster loading/unloading rates, now you can build your large armies without worrying about risky expansions and what not.

Re: A beginner's very simple guide for modding (v0.2)

Posted: Fri 10 Aug 2018 06:57
by McNash
Editing a unit speed

Let's say you are like me and you really like Cartel higher tier units, most of them are good, however you find Koalitsijas abysmally slow, in fact, so slow when they actually reach the battle things have already ended, so, let's edit its speed!

In this case you have to go to the vanilla AoA NDF_Win.dat, remember, sometimes the data you need to edit is there and not in the Reboot edition.

Anyway, let's look for the Koalitsija:
Then go to the TUniteDescriptor and look for instance 26211, which is the one for the Koalitsija stats, there may be others which make referente to this unit but it seems we can work with this one, besides it has the module we need.

All good an well, now choose Modules and you will see deployed a lot of modules in the right side lower panel.
You need to find the one named Map:MouvementHandler, select it and double click.

In the new panel choose Default and double click.
Here it is!

So, you need to edit Maxspeed and VitesseCombat, for extra elegance we may also edit the MaxAcceleration and MaxDeceleration.
So the original Koalitsija speed is 980, let's change it for 1390 so it's now faster without being broken.

Don't forget to save, and now let's run it!

Re: A beginner's very simple guide for modding (v0.2)

Posted: Fri 10 Aug 2018 07:10
by McNash
Editing a unit hitpoints

Ok, this one is quite easy too, we will work with the Comanche, so follow the same path that you went to get to the koalitsija, but isntead of 26211 you need to find 26303.

You there? Fine! This time we have to go for the Damage module, select and double click.
Ok, now select default and double click, you will see the values MaxDamages and MaxHPForHUD, those are the ones you want to edit, so, let's change them!

The Comanche originally had 10 hps, which of course made it absolutely awful in terms of survivability, and actually doesn't make sense because it was supposed to be designed to keep working despite suffering heavy damage, and even if not, who cares! This is not Wargame, you may argue Cartel engineers improved the Comanche or something.
Anyway, let's change MaxDamages and MaxHPForHUD for 15 hps, and now thanks to this, your comanche may not die that fast, so you got the chance for some microing!

Re: A beginner's very simple guide for modding (v0.2)

Posted: Fri 10 Aug 2018 18:22
by McNash
Edit unit weapons

Especial thanks to RaduM for the paths for weapons: viewtopic.php?f=187&t=42266&start=30#p516621

All right, let's edit the Comanche autocannon, first you need to go to instance 26303 in TUniteDescriptor, because as you may already know there is where the Comanche is, then select in Modules WeaponManager.
Are you there? Good! Double click and go to Default, double click on it and then to TurretDescriptorList, you will see there are two entries.

Each one is one of the Comanche weapons with the first one being the autocannon, and the second one the rockets, but hold on, there is more to explain!
-TTurretTwoAxisDescriptor (Autocannon)
-TTurretUnitDescriptor (Rocket Pods)

Go to TTurretTwoAxisDescriptor (the autocannon), then, go to MounterWeaponDescriptorList, You will see 2 TMountedWeaponDescriptor, both of them belong to the autocannon, so let's check both of them.

Go to the first one (36143) and select Ammunition, here is the deal!
Ammunition represents the real damage unleashed by the unit, with different variables we may need to edit to make a better weapon.
For example, let's work with the unit attack ground range, it's found in PorteeMaxile and it's 7000, we will increase it to 11200 because that's the range of the rocket pods.
Also, let's edit PhysicalDamages too, change it for 2 for example's purpose.

Since this helicopter attack air units let's edit the ammunition of 36144 too, there you will find in Ammunition similar values to the first one, but geared up for antihelicopter attacks, you need to edit PorteeMaximaleTBA, change it from 7000 to 11200, also let's edit in both of them the PhysicalDamages from 1 to 0.25 and the TempsEntreDeuxSalves from 4 to 1, ready? Save and check!

As you can see the Comanche autocannon now has improved attack range and its damage has become lower but with a faster rate between salvos, making it more flexible for hit and run tactics.
Remember you can check the other values for different results, don't forget to backup the NDF_Win.dat just in case.

Re: A beginner's very simple guide for modding (v0.3)

Posted: Fri 10 Aug 2018 18:58
by McNash
Edit unit cost

McNash this is absolutely terrible, now Cartel players only spam comanches, they are too STRONK, you have ruined AoA and the RTS genre for ever!

Well, indeed we have made the Comanche actually useful, in fact, maybe we have made it too useful, personally in these situations I don't nerf units, instead I make the player pay more for them.

So, let's go again to instance 26303 in TUniteDescriptor, in Modules look for Production, double click on it and then go for ProductionResourcesNeeded.
You will see you have to values, 5, which is for normal cash, and 1500, which is the Comanche cost, let's change the later for 2000, then save it and see the results.
This one was quite simple, now you have to pay 2000 for a comanche... I really have no idea where to edit it in the vanilla version, but then again, I think you may prefer Reboot, otherwise, it's up to you to find where it's changed and bring the documentation so everyone can know what to do where.

Re: A beginner's very simple guide for modding (v0.4)

Posted: Tue 14 Aug 2018 02:13
by McNash
Change unit models

Ok, let's change the model of the Avenger (Instance 26310) for the one of the F35B (26317), so you must go to ApparenceModel (28072), then change it for the one in F35B (28169), also...

-Change the "corpse" in CadavreGenerator (28078) to (28173)
-Change the StateEngine (28079) to (28174)
-Change the Label (28086) to (28180)

And we are going to need to change the game!
Go to ZZ_Win.dat in 260000269 folder which may contain this file and look for the AVENGER
There are 2, 42FDCDEABE000000 and B7CACEEABE000000, also, you need to edit B7CACEEABEA40000 and 79CBBA166310500A to update the description, etc.

Ok, save it and check it, we now have the F35B back, you can do this trick with land units, so far I have replaced back the ACCE with the Stryker and all seems to be working well (Note, still haven't found how to change the unit icons).

Re: A beginner's very simple guide for modding (v0.4)

Posted: Fri 15 Nov 2019 01:09
by Strunahlok
Greetings,I got some modding problems, could you please help me? Thank you.
Is it possible to add chaff & flares to buildings or vehicles? I want to give Comanche the ability to drop flare, but I can't find the module .