[Need Help]Helicopter and building chaff & flare

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[Need Help]Helicopter and building chaff & flare

Postby Strunahlok » Fri 15 Nov 2019 19:32

Last week I was modding Helis and Buildings and I got some problems, I want to add flare function to some cartel building and RAH66 Comanche to make them can drop flare like Cartel HQ and other choppers,but I can't find the module which is controlling the unit's flare function, NOT the TFlareModuleDescriptor_MW but something else. Also, I noticed that my XB70 Valkyrie doesn't drop any flare, too, even after upgrading the Chaff & Flare in Stealth Lab. So does anyone know how to add flare function to a chopper, a jet or a building?This question has been bothering me for a long time :(.
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Need HelpHelicopter and building chaff flare

Postby Douglasliavy » Sun 2 Feb 2020 23:54

Im curious as to where the Flare / Chaff dispensor is located on the F-35, also how many Flares / Chaffs will they hold and how does it compare to all the other 4th / 5th gen planes.

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