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My first impressions

Posted: Tue 22 Mar 2016 12:20
by torinus
Ok, my first impressions about Reboot edition beta after playing 4-5 skirmish 1v1 vs AI. Plan to try vs players next.


- Most notable change was that that you cannot as easily rush to economy+tech and ignore units. It is more expensive to fast tech now and it can be punished with units.
- Infantry is cheaper now compared to tanks so they are more cost effective than before.
- Single resource plus pay up front (like SC) system makes it more interesting and easier to plan builds.
- The reduced number of different buildings and less upgrade choices also makes it easier to understand and play
- Seems units react faster to commands but I think this should be improved even more
- Better balanced late game money generation for all factions
- New airplanes system seems pretty good, but I have to see it used more.

There are some problems:

- Resource spots are placed badly on maps, they are mostly in safe areas (but I need to test more maps to see how widespread is this problem) so they don't create contested zones as they should
- First 5 minutes are too slow, mostly due to high cost of tier 1 buildings and vehicles (or too low starting money)
- Units could all use a bit more top speed since maps are really big to create a bit faster game
- UI didn't receive any improvements, still a lack of clear to understand stats for units as well as all UI problems of MBS still exist

Overall it is a better game although there were less changes than I expected (which is based on my personal preferences).
It is very promising for now, but I hope for some more improvements in the future.

Re: My first impressions

Posted: Fri 25 Mar 2016 10:57
by torinus
After few more games I am really enjoying it for now. 1v1 was battles all over the map.

I need to play more teams games to see if end game spam still rules.