Plans for the beta?

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Plans for the beta?

Postby Evlbob » Wed 13 Apr 2016 22:00

Is this reboot going to be a 'beta' whereby people without the game can play for free during the beta phase? This is surely the only way to increase player count and get enough players involved to have the feedback required for balance.

A couple of small suggestions:
1- I like the changes to resources, but I would like far more resource nodes on the maps with less income from each node, and more nodes put in competitive positions (perhaps some yielding higher resources than others in particularly competitive/central areas?)
2- Have the option for hosts to cap the number of resource producing buildings (e.g. administration center) that can be built- this will satisfy those that like a game finishing with huge armies in extremely long grinder games, as well as providing choice to those that would prefer the end of the game to involve careful management of a very limited cash flow. Would also suggest ranked auto-match games have a cap on these building types.

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