Beta better than original but still can be better.

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Beta better than original but still can be better.

Postby marauder2013 » Wed 11 May 2016 18:51

When I bought the original game I was shocked how horrible it was for a new player to learn the game.

Beta version was much better.

I love the easy economy change and how you simplified the game.

Two thumbs up for the effort. This is the game I would have enjoyed to play from the start.

Now the negative.

-Still no tutorial for new players (minor negative considering that probably only players that bought the original will play the beta. Just an idea for next rts you guys make to add a tutorial)

-Game Timer (minor negative considering this game is played more for fun and because it is hard to find a game against a real person. A game timer is in my opinion the best thing to have when you are creating build orders. This game is suppose to be a strategy game and the best strategies are done when you can calculate the timings of your attacks and build orders.)

-Hotkeys (this is something huge. Yes you can change some hotkeys but this is a huge thing not to have. I would like to have ability to change the hotkeys for buildings and units.)

-Infantry (you guys made it so that infantry has different icon depending on what type of unit it has. I would like to have the option to always have it on during the entire game. Or have a button that will show all the icons for the infantry. This is actually a big deal. When I have 6 snipers and have 20 stingers and 20 javelins and 4 marines and have them selected sometimes the icons won't show up. I would have to lose time and try to spot the 6 snipers and 4 marines out of bunch because the game won't show the icons.)

-Holding hotkey to make units (The beautiful thing about this game is that if you create an economy to make 1,000+ unit army, the game allows you to have that army. But to make a unit you either have to press the hotkey or press the button with the mouse. Lets say I play this game a lot and love to play late game with massive armies. To make the armies I have to manually press the hotkey or press the icon. In Starcraft 2, I can click on my barracks and press and hold the hold the hotkey once to make multiple units and it will max out my barracks with the unit. But this game gives the players the ability to enjoy huge armies. When I make 30 units I don't want to be pressing the hotkey 30 times. It is just shocking a game like starcraft 2 has the option; especially when they have smaller size army, and this game promotes big armies but punishes players by not having this option. I doubt you will change it for this game. But please consider this option for future games.)

Overall, a fun game. Better than the original but still can be better. Biggest upsets was not changing the hotkeys for buildings and units and being forced to manually press the hotkey to make units and being about to hold the hotkey. I love the graphics. A beautiful game just needs a little more work to be more than just an average rts game. I actually appreciate the changes and it shows that the company puts some effort to improve a flawed game.

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