Financial transfer after disconnection of teamplayer

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Financial transfer after disconnection of teamplayer

Postby Slev1n » Tue 17 May 2016 19:45

Hey guys,

I actually loved c&c generals, the vanilla version of AoA and I also love the reboot version. But I just noticed in a 3vs3 game, that after a disconnection in the first 20 seconds, where my neighbour hadnt build anything yet, I took over his army. But I didnt get one cent. To build up two bases 7k are definately not enough, especially if you have spent most of it before to build up your own...

I hereby ask the developers to rethink this routine. I think it is right not to transfer the money in a middle state of the game and afterwards, but at the beginning the match is totally ruined by that...

kind regards

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