More Effective Units

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More Effective Units

Postby Sarslan » Sun 28 Aug 2016 13:08

Hi developers,

This game is very good but I have some suggestions

1. More Effective Ground Unit . Everbody only use a unit the online games. ( Abraham, Terminator, Cartel Main Tank) Because other units not affective. You should add new effective ground units.

2. Soldier Control > We want to use Rifle Squad ( Control 7-8 soldier ) and barracks should create a squad. Also we can create already loaded APC ( Armored Personel Carrier ) with soldier like a wargame. ( Load and unload Timewaste

3. Airborne. We need to airborne squads. we can drop to parachute squads to enemy areas

4. And Limited Money Earn. You should limited administrative center and other resources of money. Players are creating 50-60 adnin center so its creating spam units. For instance we could have created only 20-25 admin centers.

5. More Planes. We have only three planes. Pls add different plane.

6. Additional maps. ( But like a Guardian Rift) All online matches playing on Guardian Rift. We need similar maps. For Instance we need Guardian Rift with 4 players.

Devs, We are trusting your talents, Good luck and good work :)

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Re: More Effective Units

Postby SWEmpire » Sat 14 Jan 2017 03:29

Hi dude.. if you think that there is no other effective ground units, you have totally no clue what you are talking about. The units that you mentioned is most likely the worst units in this game (not scorpio) learn the game before making this kind of post please! If there is anything you want to know, then ask me or another good player ingame so they can teach you wich unit is good, for what and how to use it. Dont go to the develoupers and begg for more units when you have not tried the others out and learned about them!

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