New servers, new friends

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Re: New servers, new friends

Postby LTSarcasm » Tue 29 Aug 2017 10:28

I've not had any crashes related to the change, but steam friends isn't working for me either. I can be friends with someone, in the same match with them, and they never appear in my in game list even in later sessions.

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Re: New servers, new friends

Postby gathern » Sat 2 Sep 2017 22:04

iamthatiam wrote:
Markenzwieback wrote:
XanderTuron wrote:I don't know much about servers and server maintenance, and how much of this works so I am curious in some clarity; does Eugen run the servers themselves, or is there a third party involved who operates the servers? ... t-23082889

Eugen servers! :mrgreen:

Omg they really are amatuers. There is absolutely no excuse for such laziness.

OMFG ! Do they run "servers" on stationary PC's in some "room" ?

Then I have no words. If they at least cannot afford 1 rack in some professional data center and blade servers that means they earn and do service related to games support.

Btw , I was thinking about it recently why the hell they didn't have DataBases in Master - Slave setup ? I just talked with our DB guy in my department and this is like standard he do, when he setup new DB. So there is basically one DB running in parallel on two servers and replicates all changes all the time. For some systems which need some fast DBs he said would be good to use SSD drives.
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Re: New servers, new friends

Postby NickArt » Fri 8 Sep 2017 22:21

That moment when my home server setup is more redundant than one of a rather big game company... I mean I have four time as much hard drives than they mentioned!
Maybe I should start offering them to store a local backup... and in return I could get every future game for free. ;)

Can I at least get the names of my used to be friends so I can re-add them? I'll even take a text edit document. I don'r care about the time effort I'll have to put into it, but I really want my friends list back. I've lost some great people through this.

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