Will there be ranked???

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Will there be ranked???

Postby oneshot » Thu 9 Mar 2017 04:22

Haven't played wargame for almost a year now. Back then, I like playing ranked. I've played about 100 ranked matches. My rank is average: Second Lieutenant. I like ranked, and I hope Steel Division does have one that resembles this type of gamemode.

Though not realistic, I like winning in this gamemode, especially winning those who has higher rankes then mine. Plus, it shows my rank on the wargame community.

Btw, I like playing Paradox's game too. After I uninstall wargame (i have limited space in my harddrive, sorry), I bought Hearts of Iron 4, played it and I love it. Paradox became one of my favourite game dev.

Paradox + Eugen = best wargame ever???? Can't believe I've found my way from Paradox's forum back to Eugen's forum. I'm back I guess.
Shifu wrote:Download the replays and put them into C:\Users\YourUsername\Saved Games\EugenSystems\Wargame3 - then you can watch them from ingame.

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