Stuff I feel not working in Normandy 44

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Re: Stuff I feel not working in Normandy 44

Postby wargamer1985 » Thu 25 May 2017 22:48

KampfKeksKrieger wrote:
ZenTeapot wrote:If you want to think all that when riding the high horse telling people to jump in the game, while labeling people who give fair criticism all that nonsense, be my guest.

I greatly appreciate your courage. I even feel attracted to reward it.
People who can play Steel Division also can stand their man, they climb up a hill, it might be a too large hill, but they have fun in climbing it, and if you see what wargame players have to consider in their game, its not even difficult anymore.
I think the game gives you a very soft way to climb up. Only the hill is large.

But do you know what happens with mountains if you once climbed them?
Suddenly, it was easy to climb them and you are looking for an even larger mountain. And you feel an endless joy as you finally GOT that!

Nobody can know, whether it was wrong what the developers did. It is an instant insult to claim that it could be wrong.
They cannot have mixed it up with bad side effects, because they travel through completely new land, and whichever step they take, has no relation to something. So how do you want to judge if something is not working?. If so, what is the reference? You have none.

This has nothing to do with whether you like it or not or whether there are also other ways. If you want to play an other game, you even have the mod tools, to adapt some vital rules, yes you can even play with more fighters and with AA flak actually devastate planes!
You can make AT guns more resilent or more sneaky or change their mobility for gameplay reasons.

Your critism is in every case useful. But how do you come to the idea that something is not working?

*When you try to be philosophical but it turns out you are drunk*

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Re: Stuff I feel not working in Normandy 44

Postby KampfKeksKrieger » Thu 25 May 2017 23:26

How sick must somebody be if he only laughs if he is drunk so that he does not have to notice that he laughs?
I rather think that I have convicted you, not other way round. And always smile nicely :)

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