About crashes on hybrid graphics

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About crashes on hybrid graphics

Postby eug_begonia » Tue 8 Aug 2017 18:28


This post is dedicated to players having hybrid graphics.
We are aware that some of you are experiencing crashes while playing to Steel Division: Normandy 44. As you know, we are investigating on this issue. However even if not it is not fixed yet, we want to explain a procedure that can help you. This can also help those who are experiencing lags while playing Steel Division: Normandy 44.

1. On your driver’s options, create a profile to launch the game high-performance GPU every time you start it.

2. Put your computer’s power option as “balanced” or “high performance”. Using “battery saving” might be the root of crash and lag.

3. If allowed by your computer, launch the game by making a right click on the game’s icon then choose the GPU.

We hope it is helping you. Please let us know if this is working, if not reach our customer support so we can investigate deeper on your issue.

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