Breakthrough is currently broken--Rush tactics and a few bugs

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Breakthrough is currently broken--Rush tactics and a few bugs

Postby theblitz6794 » Sat 4 Nov 2017 09:15

I just played a series of about 10 test games with a friend on breakthrough mode. We attacked 9th panzer against various setups of the 101st, some normal, some tailor made against a rush deck. I scoffed when people told me that you can just drive a column of light tanks on to the objective on any map and win. So, I setup normally and got squashed. Then I setup expecting a rush but not knowing where it was and got squashed. I was able to defeat the rush if I knew that it would take place and knew where it would take place but that's it. (I defeated the rush by setting up a line of light tanks and m10s in front of it)

On the off chance it was just a 9th panzer thing, I blitzed him with my 4th armored rush deck against a luftwaffe setup. It didn't last long. Hordes of stuarts and rifles with halftracks simply ignored the 88s or murdered them. Ditto on any infantry.

So we switched maps to one more ambush friendly. This column literally charged down my m10 and a supporting 57mm on Crossing the Merderet and destroyed them both at point blank range.

Various factors seem to make the 4th and 9th most potent at the rush. The 9th is best. They have hordes of recon P1s that fire on the move and hordes of Luchs that fire on the move, followed by flamer halftracks. The 4th doesn't have the flamers, and 50 cal armored jeeps aren't quite a Luchs, but the difference isn't even close to enough. Hordes of Stuarts and rifles simply squash any sane setup. This strat should work for all 3 allied armored divisions. The French are a little short on stuarts but they have enough. All 3 have enough halftrack infantry and supporting vehicles, and while the allies don't have the flamertrack or flamer hordes, it shouldn't matter enough. However, it probably will not work for 21st panzer because they have no fast light tanks, shitty infantry halftracks, fewer recon armored cars, and far fewer support halftracks. That said, they still can put together a nice force. Further testing is required. Windhund won't be as efficient at the rush but I think they can still do it. They have 251's for the infantry and the panzer 3s can hit 68 on road, not terribly slower than the stuart at 75. 7 armored car recon is low but should suffice given they get 6 halftracks with 20mm and 6 flamertracks and 6 20mm command armored cars. All in all if you want a game, you need to play against the 21st panzer.

Replays are attached. We have a couple ideas on how to solve this:

1. Make the capture require a continuous front line. If the defender can surround the attacker, the capture shouldn't count.

2. Give the defender 2500 points in A and none in B. The attacker has the advantage of initiative as it is. He's going to be hitting a third of the defenders force with 2/3 of his force. With only 1500 points, it's hard to setup a proper defense in depth. Alternatively or alongside this, just buff the defender's points. Even playing with normal attacks, I find attacker has large advantage.

3. Longer time for counter attack. 4 minutes isn't much.

4. Give more attention to the attack/defense divisions. Some are badly unbalanced. For example, the commandos have no hope of covering their frontline because they don't get their normal phase B infantry in phase A like the other divisions do. Why does 4th Panzer have access to so many P1 and P2 and why do they, and the Windhund, get double flamertracks in phase bloody A? Clearly the divisions need more attention.

Also, there's an oversight where if the objective is captured with less than 4 minutes to go, the game is lost for the attacker anyway. There should be some sort of "overtime" in case the attacker nabs it late.

Finally, there is a bug in breakthrough. If I edit my division in the lobby, the new additions don't take effect until I rehost the lobby. If I swap a pack of 57s out for an m10, save my deck, then launch my game, I still have those 57s and I don't have my m10.

I uploaded 8 replays, although unfortunately I'm not sure you can search for breakthrough games. That said, try it yourself

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