Santa Claws Update content

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Santa Claws Update content

Postby PapaYankee » Wed 13 Dec 2017 14:17

Hello everyone,

Following the "Santa Claws" open beta, we have compiled the survey's results, as well as your feedback in the forums, social channels, reddit, etc. Again, big warm thanks to everyone. Most of the comments were highly instructive and helped us to make decisions about what feature will and won't be in this update, available on December 21st alongside the Christmas event and the ranked leaderboard's reboot.


About the survey
The survey was completed by 148 people, 69.9% declaring Steel Division: Normandy 44 was their favorite game against 21.2% for Wargame: Red Dragon. When filtering results by fanbase, it appeared that the comments and ratings were basically the same.

The global feedback is that the changes offer more tactical opportunities, more freedom, and make the game generally more dynamic. Some features received an overwhelmingly positive response (critical hit repair is your #1), others concepts (like the AT in the buildings and the hedgerow/forest's crossing) were appreciated but need more work, and only one feature, the unfortunate AA improvement, was -very slightly- considered as worst than before.

Note: We only have removed 3 answers from the original 148, 2 of them were sent 2 minutes after the release of the beta (and declared having played the beta more than 10 hours...), and the last one was basically trolling on... I don't know... my mom? Can't remember.

So, here's what we'll do:

What will be included in "Santa Claws"
Gameplay updates:
(with slight adjustments compared to the beta)
  • Vehicles' critical damage repair by supply units.
  • Remastered damage & critical hit system.
  • Increased Short/Mid range precision.
  • Adjusted vehicle offroad speed: this change will affect about 80% of the vehicles in the game (and NOT the Hellcat!).

Other features:
  • Active Pause, the game will now be pausable with the "P" key in Single Player (campaign, skirmish...), while still allowing you to give orders.
  • Private "Breakthrough" game.
  • Moddable DLC content for DLC owners.

The update will also feature some minor fixes.

What is currently being tested / adjusted
These features are being reworked at the moment, and might be included in a future update's open beta (so yes: that will mean another survey, yay!).
  • Light AT (up to 57mm) being able to enter the buildings: while generally appreciated (gives more tactical possibilities, makes light units more important...), this needs some work, especially to avoid hopping and breaking the LoS.
  • Vehicles can now go through forests & hedgerows: again, the feature itself was pretty much appreciated (allowing more tactical freedom, flanking, making the game more dynamic), but we need to work on restrictions and to adjust the way our AI & pathfinding work with this new feature to make it fully enjoyable.

What's being completely removed
  • Decreased plane resistance/Increased AA efficiency: this change has been reverted. AA is perceived as strong enough right now. The only adjustments made in the future will be for individual balance purposes.

Stay tuned, next week's gonna be exciting!

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Re: Santa Claws Update content

Postby McNash » Wed 13 Dec 2017 17:21

Sounds like this game is a lot of close combat.

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