New Update: Santa Claws

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New Update: Santa Claws

Postby PapaYankee » Thu 21 Dec 2017 19:13

Kicking off the Steel Division: Normandy 44's Christmas Event, here's the long-awaited Santa Claws Update patchlog! This update is a special one: it was tested and approved by the community (you) during an open-beta phase. It brings some cool gameplay changes, as well as some long-awaited features:

Gameplay changes:
  • Vehicles' critical damages can now be repaired by supply units
  • Reworked damage & critical hit systems
  • Adjusted vehicle off-road speed
  • Increased Short/Mid range precision

  • Moddable DLC Content: Second Wave DLC owners can now create mods with the DLC content
  • Active Pause: the game can now be paused with the "P" key in Single Player (campaign, skirmish...), while still allowing you to give orders.
  • Private "Breakthrough" game

  • Improved AI in Attack/Defense Breakthrough games
  • Fixed some rare crashes
  • Fixed Carrier Recce UI buttons (Fire at Position, Auto-cover, Return fire)
  • Fixed 2e DB Lance-Flammes unit, now able to get back into its vehicles
  • Fixed LeFH 18M smoke cursor
  • Fixed Pzh 39H (21.Panzer) AP shots stress values
  • Fixed PzH Lorraine 105 top view picture
  • Fixed Canadian Ace Leo Major's weapon on his 3D model and 2D picture
  • Fixed Troop formation bug on multiple selection


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