Are Halftracks Broken or is my Lag killing me?

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Are Halftracks Broken or is my Lag killing me?

Postby apwall21 » Sun 18 Feb 2018 02:23

I first noticed this about two weeks ago, I let it go at that point to a random series of bad rolls. I dropped 6 flights of missiles on a single halftrack and it refused to die. I hit it from multiple angles as it was parked, and from, 6 or 12 missiles per flight? which is 36 to 72 HE shells point blank on an open top light armor vehicle, I still don't think it died all map?

Today, I bounced four 7-AP rounds, from 200-400m, and later in the same match, it literally took me 4 bazooka shots from a french officer unit (which had surprise) to kill a different single halftrack.

I'm wondering, is there something special about them?

Is my lagging connection causing me to miss so much, and I should just stick to AI? Why does such a low armor vehicle perform this well against much better guns?

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