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[SD44] Patch 91781 ... or 'Back from Hell'

Posted: Tue 27 Feb 2018 13:23
by [EUG]MadMat

This patch fixes some of the issues reported shortly after Back to Hell's release. They were fixed quickly on our end, unfortunately, a fire in our building (which didn't affect us directly but shot down electricity on all floor for about a week) prevented us from releasing it earlier ...

    * Fixing the StG-44 sound bug.
    * Fixing a bug occurring in Operation Deadstick, when you didn't use up all your deployment points in the deployment phase, what remained was lost.
    * Fixing the missing achievement on Operation Deadstick for some people: it occurred when you had already completed the mission solo, then completed it with a friend.
    * Fixing the wrong unit+transport combo price reported for the 21. Panzer's Panzerschreck.
    * Fixing a bug occurring when loading a Historical Mission save.

    * Improving Chinese localization.

    * We are aware of an issue with the Breakthrough division on our Straight to the Fight mod. We are working on it.
    * Some people have been encountering desynchronization in their game lately. It seems to happen when one player had a specific mod activated, apparently a sound one. We are still investigating the issue, but in the meantime, we are suggesting deactivating such mods when playing multiplayer.
    * A display bug regarding infantry units & towed guns transported in an open-top vehicle, displayed as British or not displayed at all, has been reported to us lately and is still being investigated.

Re: [SD44] Patch 91781 ... or 'Back from Hell'

Posted: Tue 27 Feb 2018 17:03
by SGMRock
I got the update today when i started Steam and when I went to play it showed one of my personal mods I use in single player were out of date. I went to update this mod and discovered that:

The SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Steel Division\Mods\Utils folder is missing many folders and files that were previously there. Such as templates for editing tools and python scripts are not fully there now either preventing any of the batch files from running like updatemod or generatemod and so on. I have one mod that says it is outdated now with this update and I can't update it due to all the python.exe and script files missing.

Example if you go to one of your mod folders and try and run updatemod.bat it will say
The system cannot find the path specified. Press any key to continue.

I took a look at what the bat file is trying to run and traced it back to the Mods\Utils folder and found this issue with missing files.

Re: [SD44] Patch 91781 ... or 'Back from Hell'

Posted: Tue 27 Feb 2018 18:48
by [EUG]MadMat
Sorry about the mod generator omission, it has been fixed and is being uploaded as we speak.

No version's number change, hence it is better to reboot Steam to make sure you get it.

Re: [SD44] Patch 91781 ... or 'Back from Hell'

Posted: Tue 27 Feb 2018 19:05
by SGMRock
Got it, all working now, thanks for the quick fix.