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New Update

Postby PapaYankee » Mon 26 Mar 2018 10:05

Hello everyone,

We've just updated Steel Division: Normandy 44, fixing the following issues:

  • Fixed the scale of the Sk 18 gun.
  • Fixed the bug preventing amphibious vehicle to drive through water.
  • Fixed the current order feedback occurring with artillery gun while firing on position.
  • Fixed the towed guns' display bug, which had them disappearing while towed. Also fixes the bug relating to German or US infantry passengers displayed as British when transported in an open top vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug with the Mod Update process. This was the source of some of the desync which happened to some people playing with supposedly "Cosmetic Only" mods. In order to prevent future issue of this kind, the "Cosmetic Only" flag is not to be selected by the mod's creator, but will be automatically given according to the mod's content.

Have fun, guys!

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