[Devblog] 1.SS-Panzerdivision

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[Devblog] 1.SS-Panzerdivision

Postby Zerotick » Wed 9 May 2018 17:19

FIRST BLOOD, the free anniversary update for Steel Division: Normandy 44, will be available on May 17th and will feature 2 new FREE divisions and unlock 2 ace models.


In this new blog article, let’s focus today on the most famous and dreaded division of the Waffen-SS, 1. SS-Panzerdivision “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler“! Come discover the LSSAH's story!

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Re: [Devblog] 1.SS-Panzerdivision

Postby Mister Maf » Thu 10 May 2018 21:42

Interesting. I like the StuG gimmick a lot. Looking forward to this; whether it will usurp 12. SS-Panzer as my go-to panzerdivision is yet to be seen, but it looks solid overall and, more importantly, fairly unique.

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