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Can I talk about MOD tool?

Posted: Thu 24 May 2018 09:35
by SMJChildhood
Hi, I very much hope that developers can see my suggestion.
The existing mod Tool can only modify the original data file (this is the same as Wargame: Red Dragon's MOD Tool). I can't add some cool stuff like weapons (Oh, yes the current tool can modify the tank).
Of course I also want to add some very interesting battles. Yes, the battle in the game is boring and difficult (well known).
You can look at the game <Call to Arms>. Their MOD Tool is very powerful, and I can play a lot of interesting mods: World War II, Cold War, Zombies, Weaponry.
If you guys know, how good an excellent mod tool is for the game.
I hope that the game's focus is not just on the multiplayer model - you have always focused on multiplayer games
Once again, thank you for your work and persistence. Made a lot of great games - including Steel Division: Normandy 44

Re: Can I talk about MOD tool?

Posted: Sat 26 May 2018 01:11
by Mike
Why did you ask permission and then do it anyways?