Can I Disable "Double Left-Click"?

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Can I Disable "Double Left-Click"?

Postby dirt013 » Wed 6 Jun 2018 00:47

Hi, new here, but as the Topic header indicates, is there ANY way for me to disable the Double Left-Click in the program files? (without being a programmer) I suspect it may be my mouse, but at the beginning of each game if I'm not paying close attention MANY of my units end up receiving the same order. This causes me no end of frustration...and screws me during damn near each deployment phase. I give rather intricate orders to several units, only to find that after placing the last one and reviewing my orders, all the previous placed units are going to the same place! Now i'm not actually hitting the mouse button twice, it's either crazy sensitive or sticking. Please don't tell me to by a new mouse as i LOVE this one and it cost me quite a bit of money and ONLY causes me the issues described above and is perfect in ALL other respects.
I know, i'm probably F'd, but figured i'd ask as i'm new to MP and this is a distraction i don't need!
Thanks in advance.


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