Steel Division 2: Berlin to Stalingrad

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Steel Division 2: Berlin to Stalingrad

Postby Prowlinger » Tue 26 Jun 2018 20:34

Ok I wish and hope this is the next release from Eugine...It would be awesome to see the Eastern Front. It could easily use many assets from Steel Division: 44 Normandy and would just require texture work (mainly Germans). Addition of Russian army would finally show them in all their glory up to the turning point of the Eastern Front with the Battle of Stalingrad. A new mechanic could be added for weather to replicate the harsh winters for some battles that I would imagine reflect stalling of vehicles or deteriorating moral of troops. BA-20s, T-38s, T-26s, BT-2s, T-34, KV-1s, KV-2s, T-35s, IS-2s, ISU-122s,I-153s, Po-2s, La-5s, IL-2s, Yak-1s ....

Please Eugine!?

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