Issue with the decks not saving correctly

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Issue with the decks not saving correctly

Postby MrCrisps » Sun 30 Apr 2017 22:31

Hi all,

I have another issue with my mod as i've modified the units for divisions of the 12 ss panzer, luftlande and the 3rd armored.

The issue is that when I load the mod, the decks are constantly not saving all the cards i've put in them. For instance, when making a 3rd armored deck and saving it with 37/37 units (i've added on activation point for it) and after saving the deck, as i relaunch the game and the mod, the deck is now 29 on 37. That's really tiring to remake the decks all the time.

So I wonder where does that bug could come from? I've seen that the Decks.ndf is filled with some of the units from each division, but I don't understand why those units and not some others are here. I've tried to put all the units for the 3rd armored (with the new packs i've created) in it but the ModGenerator program tells me that they're more of them than the number permitted by the deck. I honestly don't understand where that limit is from and under what line of command is it defined.

Thank you for any help !

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Re: Issue with the decks not saving correctly

Postby Hulor » Tue 2 May 2017 19:18


I just tried myself to modify the 3rd armored setting its ActivationPoints to 39, create a deck, exit and relaunch, everything went well. Do you have any additional informations we could use?
Did you switch to the master branch of Steel Division before relaunching and see your deck modified?
Do you have modified anything else than activation points?

For your interest, Decks.ndf are template decks used for auto-fill feature. So if you put every units in it you will overload the deck.

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