opinion on sound changes from last patches and a question.

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opinion on sound changes from last patches and a question.

Postby Vyllis » Sun 3 Sep 2017 18:41

Hello, i noticed from changes with how the sound play since last patchs.

Indeed, it seems you reduced the distance which most sound are heard, especially vehicles and planes.

As much as it is a good thing we now do not hear the vehicles engine sounds from the other side of the map,
it seems that the reducing of sound range for other effects like weapons, heavier guns, planes sounds, etc, is overdone.

If you take into account where player usually height their camera it can quickly make strange and very quiet battlefield ambience.
You'll also note that usually gunshot should be heard from afar, especially the heavier one and are definitely more important in making your battlefield ambiance alive, without been overdone like the previous "constant rumble engine noise".

That was just my opinion on the subject.

Now my question is:
is there any way to mod the sound range of any sound or sounds categories?

PS: M22 US airborne tank seems to not play its main gun sound, maybe i need to try in vanilla.

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