Please, Check & Change not unique DICOTOKEN values

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Please, Check & Change not unique DICOTOKEN values

Postby wrinos » Wed 4 Oct 2017 14:48

Dear. staffs

Hello, I'm Korean language moder wrinos.
I'm having trouble with some translations cause same DicoToken.

Some DICOTOKENs don't have unique values.
This duplicate DICOTOKEN is causing the wrong sentence showing in the game.

For example

Code: Select all

"GameData:\Map\Scenario\Tutorial_1\Scripting\Localization.csv";"33HsYSy31N";"Do it faster, makes us stronger.";
"GameData:\Map\Scenario\Tutorial_2\Scripting\Localization.csv";"33HsYSy31N";"Baptism by fire! "
"GameData:\Map\Scenario\Tutorial_3\Scripting\Localization.csv";"33HsYSy31N";"Far more better with the tubes ..!"
"GameData:\Map\Scenario\Tutorial_4\Scripting\Localization.csv";"33HsYSy31N;"The Eye of God"
"GameData:\Map\Scenario\Tutorial_5\Scripting\Localization.csv";"33HsYSy31N";"Best job I've ever had."
"GameData:\Map\Scenario\Tutorial_6\Scripting\Localization.csv";"33HsYSy31N";"Angels on our shoulders."

Six different sentences all have the same DICOTOKEN value, so they will not display correctly in the game.
In the first tutorial, the fourth or sixth tutorial sentence showing up in game.

So the conclusion is,
Most of the sentences with DICOTOKEN that do not have a unique value are sentences belonging to Localization files.
Please, change the DICOTOKEN value of these Not unique sentences to make a unique value.

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