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Link to any comprehensive RD modding guide ?

Posted: Sun 1 Apr 2018 16:08
by ivan dracov
I just wish to change weapon ranges on WG RD I have the modding suite and I am at the stage where i can simply change availability and pricing.
I use the unit Sol descriptor to fairly easily find the exact unit i wish to work with
I read and carefully followed a modding guide from this forum but it seems to be referencing WAR GAME ALB.
Is there any such detailed guides for RED Dragon since the instances and classes do not match the instructions.
this makes it very very difficult for me to learn on the task.
I currently can not seem to fathom how to change a units weapon or range or ammo etc.
I am aware that some weapons likely are shared by more than one unit thats ok I do not expect to just be able to script in an entirely unique turret etc.
but just a clear route to change range of RD units would be amazing.
i am confident i can do this with clear instructions about which modules and drop down s to open and which values to edit.
once i do it I will learn.
its just currently if for example I use the Sol descriptor to open BUK MI then open its module collection and select weapon manager I do not know where to go from that point

Re: Link to any comprehensive RD modding guide ?

Posted: Tue 3 Apr 2018 12:52
by Hulor
Hi ivan dracov,

You are in the wrong part of the forum, this one is reserved for SteelDivision: Normandy 44 modding.
For WarGame: Red Dragon modding check this part viewforum.php?f=187