AI lane/corridor selection in skirmish

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AI lane/corridor selection in skirmish

Postby jensiii » Tue 17 Apr 2018 06:42


Can we modders modify and change the way AI chooses it's attacking area/lane/corridor in skirmish mode? If there is, can you please point me to the right file :)


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Re: AI lane/corridor selection in skirmish

Postby Hulor » Fri 20 Apr 2018 16:54

Hi jensiii,

Well you can add a ForcedCorridor to any TMacroActionDescriptor_CorridorDefense_Specific or TMacroActionDescriptor_CorridorAttack_Specific but this will probably not act like you want since all maps don't have the same corridor. Anyway you can find all our strategies (our AI) in GameData/Gameplay/Skirmish/IASkirmishDescriptors.ndf. Once you find out which one you want to mod, you will have to find its file under GameData/Gameplay/Skirmish/Strategies/.

All files about our strategies are located under GameData/Gameplay/Skirmish/, so if you're in trouble to find some variable search in this directory to find it.

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