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Hot Seat

Postby JohnS » Sun 8 Aug 2021 00:39

I think I know the answer to this but let me try.

I love the Campaign Games but the AI as an opponent often leaves something to be desired. Not interested in devoting the time for head to head, I am a sporadic player and when I want to simply save and quit then that is it. Better just playing by myself at my own pace.

In other game system, e.g. Tiller's Panzer Campaigns, I have solved the modest AI problem by playing myself in a hot seat mode. Granted, each time I switch sides I have more info than I would like to have but the "secrecy" issue is trumped by having a better opponent.

Is there a way to play the Campaign Games as a Hot Seat (using autoresolve on the combats)?

I suspect not but at least wanted to ask.

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