Steel division 2 - Resupply

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Steel division 2 - Resupply

Postby BattleIvan » Wed 17 Nov 2021 07:12

Love Steel Division 2. Resupply is very important in any long engagement, and ultimately could determine whether you win or lose.
Eugen have dealt with supply/repair with the munitions vehicles, but I believe this could be exploited more to give the game more depth. In war capture of enemy fuel and resupply depots was a big win, even if just to deny this to the enemy. In Defence mode you can deploy defensive positions, why not allow in any mode (including solo) the ability to place resupply depots (that are resupplied), and they could be like a unmarked flag, that if captured earn you extra points towards winning. All vehicles including munition vehicles could be resupplied from these depots. It could become vital to protect your resupply point, and vise versa to deny the enemy theirs. It could become a campaign scenario to capture an enemy supply depot, or protect the last supply convoy from a supply depot about to be captured. As well as resupply depots placed by the owner during the game, you could also have repair/maintenance depots, that like the resupply depots could have various ranges of influence/effectiveness. Some repairs could take a long time, but you could look at it more like a 1 for 1 replacement, where you drive in your broken tank and get a already repaired tank out. Again the repair depot could be a unmarked flag, placed during the game by the owner, like defensive positions in defense mode, but usable in all modes (including solo). If captured the enemy can use it and it earns them points towards victory. I also like hospitals or aid posts. You could say some wounds are never heeled, but this could be looked at more as a recruitment/recovered men replacement center where individual soldier replacements can go to individual sections that are undermanned, that get to a certain distance from the aid post etc. All three depots can have a preset supply, and a auto resupply rate provided they have an unblocked route to their rear lines. We already have munitions vehicles, why not make them purely munitions, and have dedicated alternative vehicles for repair and 1st aid, that do a similar job to their depots, but at a smaller size and are mobile. I would like to mention fuel, but this may be too hard to implement, and could possible be in a Steel Division 3. Excellent game. Well done.

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