A plea for "strategic events"

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A plea for "strategic events"

Postby Studwick » Thu 26 Jul 2018 02:26

One of my favorite things in the Wargame dynamic campaigns, was being informed and impacted by the events taking place in a wider conflict. Now this was more prevalent in ALB than it was in RD, but the events regarding the developing Battle of Hamburg, or NATO plans for a Black Sea offensive really made me feel like i was part of a much wider conflict, even if the actual benefits (Political Points) were somewhat lackluster. Same with the developing political situations in NATO allies (French protests, battle of the atlantic etc.)

I understand why they didn't really make the same return in RD, because for most of the Singleplayer campaigns you were the Commander of the whole conflict, but i feel like the new Dynamic Campaign in Steel Division 2 is ripe for the return of these events. Both flavour and game-changing.

The events would not only increase replayability by inserting a sense of randomness to the conflict, but there could also be a chance for emotional investment in the campaign from the player. Let a German player feel the inevitability of the war crushing the Wehrmacht by informing them that the Russians have initiated the Lvov-Sandomierz offensive to their south, or change the strategic situation by letting OKH redirect promised reinforcements to Polotsk instead of your sector around Minsk (based off the promotional map https://imgur.com/9kYsfGO). Let a Russian player who is advancing fast inform Stavka that his operational reserves can be put to use on other Fronts that are advancing more slowly, or punish them by having them advance too fast creating a pocket the German Army could attempt to close.

Take some inspiration from Paradox titles and your previous games to add flavour events to really make a player feel as though they are part of the largest front in the largest war, one that goes beyond the 150km of front they are covering, and one that is impacted by your actions, sure, but also much larger than one commander.

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