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Will the borg spotting system change to something more realistic in sd2?

Posted: Wed 15 Aug 2018 08:54
by Destraex
In sd44 if any unit had spotted an enemy unit even units on the other side of the map had immediate knowledge of that enemy unit and its exact location. In a normal chain of command in ww2 it takes time to filter even general information to units that cannot see them. If they ever do st all. Combat Mission has a great system where this is concerned, showing units that have radios, have not, that are in shouting range or that have access to the higher up chain of command to call artillery at all. Sd44 spotting system though allows me instant 100% perfect updates that allow me to see and fire accurate shots without ever possibly seeing the target. This goes especially for tanks that should not see enemy infantry just because it’s own infantry spots them... at least not right away.