A few questions and suggestions for SD2

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A few questions and suggestions for SD2

Postby Hathaway » Wed 22 Aug 2018 01:12

First of all, thank you for making this game
Despite the fact that there are some drawbacks, I actually liked a lot of the new systems in steel division(but at the same time I also want wargame 4)
I really like the phase system, it gives you a chance to use the weak units
Infantry models and movement animation looks much better than wargame

so here comes the question, is it actually Steel "Division" 2?
For the Soviet structure, it seems more reasonable to use corps(XXX) instead of divisions(XX)

Will there be soviet arty divisions?
TBH I don't really want to see them in game...

Will there be soviet mechanized corps and cavalry corps in game?

Will we be able to use SD1 divisions in SD2?
I liked RUSE
It would be fantastic if I can play things like US vs Soviet and US+Soviet vs Eastern/Western front Germany
I wonder if they can also add a few Japanese & Chinese divisions into the game

Will you consider shifting the time frame to 1945?
IMO it is kinda pointless to limit the time frame to June 1944
Shifting it to 1945 would give all sides some interesting units
Things like Me262 & Me163
US can get Pershing which gives Allies the ability to fight the Tiger II head to head
For Soviets...maybe IS-3? Although they didn't get a chance to fight

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