OPERATION BAGRATION ... Would you like to know more?

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Re: OPERATION BAGRATION ... Would you like to know more?

Postby Vladislav » Thu 16 Jul 2020 18:11

Hello, guys.

I nearly hear, that you want to give us a set of divisions choice. And, for my luck, Vulcan remember my question about Ferdinands ( you remember 653 panzerjäger). So, i remember only one operation, which take place in that time ( paralell with Bagration) and where was that formation. And it was in my country (Ukraine). It is Lviv( Lvov)–Sandomierz operation.

So, i have an advice about several formation of that time. Firstly, it can be 14 grenadier division ,,Galicia" ( it is very popular in our country. If you want, i can give info and memories about it) which trapped in famous Brody encirclement. So, you can add it with 8 panzer division ( it was one of two panzer reserve in ,,Northern Ukraine") ,which help it to go out(on the phase B and C tanks) or create 8 panzer sith SS Galicia infantry on B or C.

Second, it can be the division, which have your 653 abteilung.

And third, it can be 16 panzer division which had 501 abteilung with new turret king tigers.( It take place in Sandomierz breakout).

For soviet side it can be the formations of Rybalko tank army and from 5 corps which took part in Sandomierz.

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Re: OPERATION BAGRATION ... Would you like to know more?

Postby Vladislav » Sun 26 Jul 2020 14:10

Guys, what do you think about Baltic Front.?

I think, Eugenes can add two divisions, which take part in operation Doppelkopf. It was a one of famous wermacht moment, because of the result of this operation Group of armies ,,Center" create the connection with the Group armies ,,North" ( in the late August 1944) which was previously disconnected in operation ,,Bagration".

So, my idea is to add two divisions. First, it can be Grẞssdeutchland division, which take part in this operation .
From soviet side it can be 33 guard rifle division , which hold the position near Sialiuai and was against the main attack of this operafion.

So, there is the tanks of Grßdeutchland: Pz.Kpfw.IV (7/1), Pz.Kpfw.V (41/13), Pz.Kpfw.VI (29/8), StuG (20/4);

As we can see, there is many panthers tigers, and stugs, but not big amount of Panzers 4
I think, we can add a powerful offmap card, because in the reconnection of ,,North" and ,,Center" take part ,,Prince Oigen" , the cruiser of Kriegsmarine.

To 33 guard rifle division we can add many powerful anti tank artillery, because to it was added two anti tank battalions ( IPTAP) 536 and 747 which had zis 3 and zis 2 anti tank gun
Despite that we can add to it on the phase b and c several cards of т 34 brigades, which help this division
And also, as a special variant, you can add famous &02 battalion of tigers, which take part in the Baltic encirclement in august 1944

I know, that you don't like war crimes, but it didn't stop you, when you added to sd 44 SS Leibstandarte which killed disarmed canadian soldiers. Or even show us that in the Gëring division we have ,,cruel" Totenkopf tanks.

If you remember the conclusion of Nurnberg tribunal, there was wrote about a fact, that can't be punished only that members or groups of organisation, that didn't take part in crimes or entered it without idea of cruelty to peacful habitants.
So, if in Leibstandarte or in Großdeutchland were several guys , who commited a crime, it doesn't mean, that all division was quilty.

And , at that way we can also construct some complaint about soviet division crimes ( especially to peacful habitants). It is the same to romanian or hungarian soldiers, which gave judeans to german government

And, in your game we play not for the cruelty man, but for a soldiers, who fight against the same guy in the equal condition, with tanks and guns.

I think, that it can be good to play for the first german division in your game, which has a naval offmap and interesting set of tanks (and one of the most strongest division in the eastern front)

I hope, if you had a brave to add Leibatandarte to sd 44, you can also add that division.

Thanks for attention

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