It’s like Total War, but denser

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It’s like Total War, but denser

Postby nigo_BR » Thu 30 Aug 2018 13:06

Brazil :mrgreen:

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Re: It’s like Total War, but denser

Postby varis » Thu 30 Aug 2018 13:28

The turn-based map we demoed on was slightly smaller but still stretched over 100 kilometers in every direction, encompassing Borisov, Minsk, and other towns key to the Army Group Centre’s fortifications.

Also sounds like there is just one campaign (map). EDIT: Should probably get more sleep, with front lines quoted over 1000km that sounds more like multiple 100x100km maps or so. But not one great campaign... unless multiple strategic maps are combined :P

With 12h turns it sounds campaigns are short. Fastest push was probably that into Tallinn, about 100km in a single day. Some 30km/d figures I saw quoted and average was probably a bit smaller (easy to figure with basic map and calculator... very fast anyway by WW2 standards).

And 12h turns... night and day? :o

Makes a bit of a difference in WW2 context. They could give the CCCP side a few extra turns before the start... just to perform some maskirovka with a personal touch before the action starts!

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