QoE improvements wishlist for SD2

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Re: QoE improvements wishlist for SD2

Postby derkos » Sun 23 Sep 2018 18:37

My main points would be UI improvments:
LOS tool:
  • add shortkey to toggle LOS/range display for selected unit
  • enable usage of LOS tool ("C") even if LOS display for selcted unit is enabled
  • add circle for secondary weapon range, especially inf AT weapons
  • improve LOS tool for topography (hills)
Show details about inf in trucks
Include a button to toggle evac winchester ingame for every single unit
Allow to set way points for reinforcment when buying them (or teach the AI to use save roads for reinforcements automatically)
Include some information about the hidden hitpoints of tanks when resisting HE-damage
Add more markers for multiplayer (e.g. XY needed or arty incoming). Or even make it possible to draw arrows and lines before the game starts.
Make it possible to leave the lobby, while waiting for the game to start (like in WG)
If a matchmaker is implemented, then it should have many options and a feedback about other players (how many? what games are they searching for?)
+1 for fast attack-move
+1 for Lobby ping to host to notify the host to stop dicking around in the deckbuilder

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Re: QoE improvements wishlist for SD2

Postby bin.zwieda » Tue 2 Oct 2018 21:39

1.) AI to be useable on dedicated servers:

- either to be configured via variables in serversettings
(AI-skill-level + deckname for a configureable number of AI-slots for blue and red side; deckcontent for available decks added in a server-config file; only those decks can be used by the server)
- dynamically adding and removing AI to lobby-slots by server-admin(s) before gamestart, just like it can be done in "normal" lobbies

Task: setting up matches like 5v5 or 6v6 or 7v7 ... up to 10v10, with a couple of human players and / or a couple of AI on each side.

2.) export function of all (!!) unit-stats, to be able to create overview-lists to compare units in a full list-view

3.) smarter game-updates, deletings older versions of files, that have become obsolete due to newer, updated versions.
stop wasting diskspace by keeping different fileversions in the gamefolders. only the most recent ones should keep installed!

4.) map-tool for modders, to create custom maps, realeasing them via workshop

5.) new procedure for mods, not forcing modders anymore to update their mods after nearly each and every gamepatch.
actual situation: if the modder looses interest in the game one day, the mod can´t be used by the community anymore...

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Re: QoE improvements wishlist for SD2

Postby zdsdead » Tue 2 Oct 2018 22:53

an option to play a slower version of the game, if all players agree in mp

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