Needed Changes!

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Needed Changes!

Postby PanzerKnight » Sat 15 Sep 2018 08:33

First off when Steel Division came out i thought this was a breathe of fresh air into the Wargame serires which lost all semblance of tactics in my opinion.. :idea: :idea: :idea:

:?: 1). But the Off map call ins need a cap or a wider spread based of there historical data on them.

:?: 2). Infantry have become almost useless or just pure fodder like in Air Land Battle, Red Dragon and in Act of Aggression though it was a hit and a miss. 1/ increase surviability or likely hood of hits being made depending on distance. 2/ if units are withdrawing after they've been broken in woods, buildings etc increase the likely hood of missed hits on men. 3/ Satchel charges, flame throwers etc should still be viable but not in the current set up in Steel Divison where if you rush them in they can clear out Elites to easily or squad wipe in seconds.

:?: 3). Vehicle Auto Facing allow it to be turned on or off. If not that remove completely...
1/ I have had numerous ambushes foiled :? because the (said) tank was facing an enemy through X3 tree lines and a bocage instead of the direction i set it in.

:idea: 4). Artillery/ Mortars need a little work done the accuracy might not be an issue depending on the unit but the hit + damage to Infantry needs a fix. 1/ Suppresion build up needs a tweaking depending on if the infantry is in cover to not.

:?: 5). Cover for Anti-Tank Guns, Infantry, AAA Guns, needs a modifier the longer they are.
1/ or give infantry to dig in over a period of time. 2/ the hit ratio on units in cover needs a major work, a recent game saw a squad try to ambush a tank only to have it get shredded by the mgs and main gun.

:idea: 6). Ranges need a increase above 1200m Various weapon systems that can shoot way over that distance such as the 88, 17 pounder etc are hindered by a flawed game mechanic that worked better for the modern age for the sake of logical balanced based on modern systems.

:idea: 7).Supply Trucks need the ability to be sent back to the "Rear Echelon" as it were to then be recalled after a cool down timer to the battle..

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