FEATURE REQUEST: C key also shows elevation height by a colour and gradient lines\contours by colour

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FEATURE REQUEST: C key also shows elevation height by a colour and gradient lines\contours by colour

Postby Destraex » Fri 28 Sep 2018 01:20

I think a good way to solve the problem of elevation on maps that we view top down without resorting to corny, unrealistic and ugly texture solutions is to have it so that the C key also shows elevation.
Pressing C would not only show LOS but would also show elevation and contours.

- Elevation would be shown in different colours according to height so as to make sense map wide.
- Contours would also be different colours according to height and would also include connecting lines to outline mountains to the peak. I meant contours usually go around hills. I would like to see them change colour as they draw a line up to the peak.
The contours would also indicate in a key whether they are too steep for the currently selected unit to climb.
- Weapon Depression and elevation problems could be solved by having C show where weapons cannot fire according to elevation.

That way we could have not only steppe maps but also mountainous ones.

There would of course be a tick box to turn this off.

I know this seems like a lot of work to solve something that you probably do not consider important. But it would be a major leap forward for the engine. Especially if you can get an in-house tool that generates this height\contour map automatically. I mean the information is already in the engine.

I just don't want to see any more african plateaus or perfectly concentric un-natural looking mountains or elevation features.

Looking at these. Contour maps would show elevation by colour anyways and possibly show where you can shoot. Imagine pressing C and having it show a map like this and where your unit could shoot in the normal SD1 way.



I must emphasise that something like the below, which are traditional contour lines. Should not be used. They are too complex and too hard to comprehend at a glance map wide.

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